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"An eccentric blend of wonky swagger and fine detailing, Simon & G-Funk is indeed an impressive, if entertainingly titled, debut. Longshanks’ obsession with hip hop is pervasive. His beats aren’t just cut but are often pulverized – then poured into the tracks with quick, intuitive stutters that blur boundaries between rhythm and textured sound."

Headphone Commute

"Another dimension fusion of synthetic sounds guaranteed."


"Error Broadcast stay on point with their latest signing Monolithium."

20 Shot Sequence

"A child of hip-hop and a student of contemporary electronic music, Monolithium’s sound is the axiom where funk, R&B and grime coalesce into concise, focused heat."

MUTEK 2011

"Monolithium twerks his own diced up bangers with classic grime, blap & hip-hop, proving that there’s much to offer the dancefloor in a post-dubstep world."

Decibel 2011

"The influence of dubstep is inescapable on tracks like "Heat Pump" or "Selfish Lil' Crunk," where nails-on-chalkboard scrapes duel with drum patterns that take the genre's swing to extreme new levels of measure-mashing chaos. To attribute it all to dubstep would be unfair, as Monolithium shows just as much love for funk touchstones."

Resident Advisor

"Simon & G-Funk, one of the best tunes of the year EASILY. Epic epic epic EP!"

You'll Soon Know

"For being new on the radar, the kids flexes some guns on these tracks, maneuvering through hybrid of dubstep, hip hop, housey sound kits, and some g-funked out synths. The combination turns out a winner with the title track "Simon & G-Funk." If you're a fan of sexy, tough grooves, you'll love this shit. [...] You get all this, plus the EP's got more surprises. Anxious to hear more from this cat."

Turntable Lab

"Techy-edged crunk electronics reminiscent of Hud Mo, Eskmo or Eprom. [...] Remixing the title track, Ango goes for a kicks and sawtooth synth-driven Funky roll while Prison Garde tips his cap to Dam-Funk."


"More than the average "beat music". Emotion and skills."

Om Unit

"Monolithium strays from the organic roots of sample based hip hop and goes extra heavy on synth noise. This stuff is ripe for a headphone listen, but according to the man himself, 'all of these tunes were made with the dancefloor in mind, so that is where they will come to life.'"

MTV Iggy


ebc020 - Bounce 4 Life

Victoria's Chris Longshanks is a DJ that knows the dance floor by heart. A passion that pays: with fingers in the crates since 2004, his bass music monthly sub|division is an institution in the blooming nightlife of Western Canada. Not only dedicated to spin other peoples' tunes, however, Longshanks recently unleashed his production moniker Monolithium, which fuses the best from Electro, Skweee, Dubstep and Funk, delivering an original angle on bass music.

Error Broadcast instantly fell in love with Monolithiums’ debut EP Simon & G-Funk for its neck-snapping potential and heavy dose of Funk, combined with an in-yer-face Hip Hop attitude. At the same time the EP sounds hot and humid, entirely synthetic, and slightly suspicious. In the contrast there's magic. Ango (LuckyMe) and Prison Garde (ex-SixToo) appear on Simon & G-Funk as remixers, adding their unique portion of sexiness.

 'Easy Lee (Monolithium Recrunk)' featured at XLR8R
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 'Simon & G-Funk' featured at XLR8R

Selfish Lil' Crunk (RocCazba Remix)