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All music by Shlohmo
and remixing artists as indicated
Photography by Henry Laufer
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi

Error Broadcast Collective
All Rights Reserved

In cooperation with WEDIDIT

Original version released October 2009


"Extremely impressive stuff all round"

Cyclic Defrost

"Re-releases tend to be reserved for well known bands with decades of material, but this EP deserves a do-over as well. Having grown to a deluxe album with 14 songs, Shlohmo’s re-released “mini-album” should drop the E and add an L."

SSG Music

"Shlo-fi retains its luminescent sparkle"

Resident Advisor

"If you missed out in 2009 when the limited pressing of the mini-album Shlo-Fi by Bay Area beat wizard Shlohmo went out of print, the folks at Error Broadcast have your back. Now reissued with a clean remaster and five extra remixes, Shlo-Fi has never sounded better."


"Ghosts Pt. 2 (S.Maharba Remix) is the perfect track for capping off your workload and focusing on just laying low this evening. Just don't be too surprised if you feel yourself nodding off at your desk if you play this now. It's hypnotizing."

Prefix Magazine

"In particular, I was drawn to S.Maharba‘s uber-dreamy take on “Ghosts Pt. 2″, which is just a thing of pure beauty. Seriously, I wouldn’t mind if this is all I heard before I fell asleep every night."

Potholes In My Blog

"For those of you into the better class of stoned instrumental hip-hop, this EP is likely to prove a winner. Dope."


"Before becoming the darling of many with his abstruse art, young Cali crooner Shlohmo had a cryptic release from EU Error Broadcast in a A&R coup de grâce."


"Stop and smell the dark, ethereal roses with this remix of a track from Shlohmo's 2009 EP, Shlo-Fi."

The Needle Drop

"Shlohmo's 'Shlo-fi' tunes sound the way amateur porn looks. (...) Like a ghetto thug Cinderella, he hasn't let this stop him though."

The Juke

"I hereby declare 2009 YEAR OF THE SHLOHMO. Kid is doing BIG big things in da Bay Area, CA. Wake UP and COP THIS EP."

Astro Nautico

"He creates landscapes with his tracks that are amazingly clear. My daughter is leaning on the couch next to me and drams away (that kinda feel)."

Lowriders Collective

"The feel that came out of it all was a spacious, almost lonely one, comforting yet mildly terrifying in its magnitude. It's almost an audio extension of the old Hippy ideals of the likes of Leary and Robert Anton Wilson (...)"

Creative Uncommons

"If any teens are rocking the wamp these days it’s Henry Loofer, a.k.a. Shlohmo. Henry’s Shlo-Fi EP recently dropped for free over at EBC and I need to give major props on this tape (...)."


"Damn good Couch Music, perfect for late-night listening after the after-party or perhaps pumping through some big big headphones on a redeye from Cali to NYC."

Blogular Synthesis

"I was really feeling some of Shlohmo’s tracks during this mix, and am excited to share some remixes of his work with you guys, you can check out his fucking incredible EP just released."

Dr. Strangeloop

"(Shlohmo) recently released his "Shlo-Fi" EP via Error Broadcast and is well on his way to taking over the Bay Area."


"Check the new Shlo-Fi EP from the coolest kid in SF. If you’re down with new school beats, its definitely one to look out for."

FoF Music

"I have been pretty impressed by the stuff this label puts out, this EP is no exception. This shit is pretty dope - the influences are obvious, but dude still brings his own flavour."

The Hip Drop

"Error Broadcast is seriously the tightest and they just dropped another smasher for you all from Shlohmo. Top quality stuff as ever."

You'll Soon Know

What people have constantly been asking for finally becomes reality. Error Broadcast re-issues the mini album ‘Shlo-fi’ by Bay Area beat conductor Shlohmo. The tape dropped late in 2009, hot on the heels of ‘Shlomoshun’ which in 2010 became a great success as ‘Shlomoshun Deluxe’ (Friends of Friends Music). While the later showcases the beat-heavy side of Shlohmo, ‘Shlo-fi’ can be seen as breeding ground for the more subtle aspects in the work of young Laufer who recently earned massive praise with his left-field masterpiece ‘Bad Vibes’.

"(Shlo-fi) is some of my oldest material under the Shlohmo name, and for some reason I still feel more attached to it than a lot of the stuff that came after."  Shlohmo

‘Shlo-fi’ was carefully re-mastered for the 2011 edit. The 12” version (300 copies) features original track listing and artwork and comes with full-colour sleeves and labels. The digital and 2x 12” version includes remixes by Anenon, S.Maharba, and Wanda Group (former Dem Hunger) as well as newcomers Soosh and Jameszoo.

Download Couch (Soosh Remix) for free
Official video for Couch (Soosh Remix) by Bogdan Macoviciuc
'Shlo-fi' premiere feature