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All music by Montgomery Clunk
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi
Artwork by Paul Paun

Error Broadcast Collective
All Rights Reserved

Distributed by Alpha Pup & Kudos Records


"An impressive and ambitious EP that’s particularly recommended to fans of the likes of Hudson Mohawke and Rustie’s beat gymnastics."

Cyclic Defrost

"Five doses of twisted electronic divided beteween abstract beats, the detailed IDM and bass music addicted to future funk, turbo crank and neon synthetizers."

PlayGround Magazine

"Montgomery Clunk is an utter badman with these beats. Error Broadcast straight up becoming 1 of my fav labels."


"Clunk’s work on the EP is interesting and weirdly quite thin. He puts the emphasis on his drums constantly but quite often he lets them hang there with such little back up. It works really well on EP closer ‘Muvies’ when his drums stutter to a pause and then the beat explodes with colourful vocal chimes and other little shard like ribbons of melody."

Sonic Router

"Lazer-shotting Hypercrunk from Bucharest, Romania. Check for the footworked trance turbulence of 'Enter The Wardrobe' and the cartoonish 'Muvies'."


"Like much of Clunk's work, EP cut "Faerie Fire" is chaotic and aggressive, but the song retains an obvious structure and rhythm despite the furious interaction of myriad percussive and somewhat atonal elements."


"If there is any reason to check out Romania for its music scene it would be due to Montgomery Clunk. You will hear how he will take the hip hop beat making to the future."

ILL Society


ebc011 - Superbus

Montgomery Clunk is Silviu Badea, from Bucharest, Romania. We introduced the name when Clunk released his debut EP with Error Broadcast back in 2010. The sound of 'Superbus' was both menacing dark and melodious, beat-heavy and playful at the same time. Ever since then Clunk reinvented himself a few times and grew to be a much-asked DJ and live act all over Eastern Europe.

Now, for his vinyl debut, we picked the freshest and most adventurous tracks Montgomery Clunk has released to date. His 'Mondegreen' EP is the essence of two years' research in bass music. Clunk delivers a minimal version of maximalism, combining crackpot neon melodies with complex and well-defined beat patterns. 'Mondegreen' is unmistakable Montgomery Clunk, with its expertly entwined textures and solitary beats achieving surreal character not only once. In his hands, Hip Hop becomes a glistening future thing again.

Check out this interview feature with Paul Paun and Silviu Badea on the art of 'Mondegreen' and 'Superbus'.

Download 'Faerie Fire' from XLR8R
Download 'Enter the Wardrobe (Torus Remix)' from Sonic Router
Download 'Enter the Wardrobe (RocCazba Remix)' from YSK