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All music by Soosh
Vocals by Soosh and Carmel Khavari
Photography by Visar Sherifi
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi

Error Broadcast Collective
All Rights Reserved

Distributed by Alpha Pup/ Kudos Records


"There’s an organic quality to this ambience that seeps out of your speakers [...] variety of ocataves fill the room with a softness that’s so easy to just melt into."

The Line of Best Fit

"With intimate, Massive Attack-esque vocals, the cuts blossom into ethereal, dizzying soundscapes that hit with a cold wave of chill."


"Accepting the risk of sounding like an occultist, I theorize that Soosh has managed to tear a small rift in the frail fabric that separates our physical world from the ones beyond, allowing us mortals to briefly savor a glimpse of parallel realms that can only be breached by music."


"Really into what your doing [...] album sounds really, really great"


"Moods vary from uplifting to disconsolate and the welcome addition of his sister Carmel's haunting vocals provides further variation. Colour Is Breathe is an enthralling journey and further proof of Soosh's ability."

Shouts 4 Music

"Gorgeous tracks, i think im in love with them"


"Tracks are really great"

Dark Sky

"This is a gentle album, and listened to through a pair of headphones it slowly encloses the listener like a film of abstraction between them and the outside world, slowing things down for a moment. For the right moments it's a welcoming step away from the reality of gravity and momentum."

Black Plastic

"It's only surprising that Glasgow beatmaker Soosh is just now releasing his debut album because we feel like he's been ready to do just that since we first heard his rickety, hip-hop-informed productions in 2011."


"Album sounds amazing"


"Incidentally, if you are listening along at home and your heart isn’t pooling in your chest cavity yet, that’s Khavari’s 17 year-old sister Carmel laying down those cobweb-light vocals. Awww. Come on. Feel the life."

MTV Iggy

"You can’t help feeling that this album should have been released in the summer, given the warmth it evokes, but with it Soosh has succeeded in forging an instantly familiar and timeless identity and one that will sound comforting 12 months of the year, for a long, long time."


"Like what you do, SOOO good."

Two Inch Punch


ebc022 - Colour is Breathe Remixes

Soosh is the recording name of Soroosh Khavari, an electronic music producer born in Iran and raised in Scotland. After EP appearances on numerous European record labels (including remixes by Lapalux and Jameszoo) the artists’ debut long player ‘Colour is Breathe’ will be released with Error Broadcast.

‘Colour is Breathe’ explores the folds that fuse textural ambience and humanised beats, whilst adding a euphoric pop-twist. Sooshs’ trademark low-swung hip hop beats and organic instrumentation is countered and enhanced by moments of dreamy and endearing delicacy. He moved away from samples and his new sound is a sea of woozy analogue synths, drum machines and textural field recordings. The artists’ younger sister, Carmel Khavari, contributes vocals that brim with longing and love, gracing the record with an allure that makes it somewhat indefinable for either genre or gender. ‘Colour is Breathe’ balances lilts that are reminiscent of Nathan Fake, Nosaj Thing and How to Dress Well, and The xx.

 Interview with Sonic Router
Mixtape for Dummy Magazine
Download 'The Way You' from XLR8R

2LP vinyl w/ full-colour labels and sleeves, limited to 500 copies
Purchase includes free download of the full album and one bonus track