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Compilation & Mix: Maguett
Image: Maguett
Design: EB

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Maguett aka Dmitrii Drozdov started his carrier in music with razor-sharp and nihilistic IDM on a number of Russian netlabels. When he had his track ‘Fog Movement’ on our first release Bag of Nothingness Dima had moved towards a more beat scene-oriented sound already. Maguett has never been at the very core of the Fly Russia movement, but his contribution ‘Orange Flame’ to the compilation of the same name added a dark shade that is important for the full picture. Thus it is no wonder G5 Music has eventually put its hands on Maguett and published his first proper releases in a long while. Make sure not to miss out on Twilight.

Maguetts' mixtape Blurred plays the cards pretty smooth. He sews soulful vocals into ambient textures, plays with different time codes and atmospheres and switches elegantly from lo-fi VHS sounds to ultradeep Dub spheres. By times sugarsweet, then again intractable this is not a DJ set to rock a club but an artistically challenging patchwork of contemporary Bass Music.


01. The Fog Detonator
02. Maguett - Data (Intro)
03. Napolian - Olympia
04. Atom TM - Moral Poverty Three
05. Hype Williams - три полосы
06. iL - Conductors
07. Trey's Patience (Voice)
08. Björk - Storm
09. Computer Dreams - Rain
10. Palmistry - Black Creps
11. Nocow - Dispel The Wind
12. Werken - Dub Traffic Pt. II
13. Maguett - Prickly
14. David Lynch & Dean Hurley - Blurred Dancer Music
15. RZA - Domestic Violence
16. Jhene Aiko - My Mine
17. Alessio Ballerini - The Small Sea And The Great Ocean
18. Midnight Television - After Party
19. Maguett - Outme
20. How To Dress Well - Can't See My Own Face