DZA / Five-Finger Discount


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All music by DZA
Artwork by DZA

Error Broadcast Collective
Some Rights Reserved
CC BY-NC 3.0



"All in all, it's dope and very special. O yea, he's the Russian DMC champ... ain't that ill? Also, if I remember correctly, I think he kind of wants to destroy the world. +1 for DZA."


“The 16 tracks full of colorful groove, quirky melodies, raw beats, and insane asymmetry are so much more worth the silly 5 euros they go for, we actually felt guilty to not buy it.”

Big Up Magazine

“It’s kinda glitchy and destructive, rough and aggressive, but in the same time everything is in the right place.”


"Splicing influences from classic MPC wizardry to London bass music and bleepy nerdcore, Sasha has put together 16 tracks that easily shit on 90% of those Dilla clone clones currently known as ‘beats scene’."

Red Bull Music Academy

"One of the best things about this year’s Red Bull Music Academy was running into Moscow based DZA (...) for discovering another talented beatmaker and producer."


"If you know what’s good for you grab this for yourself now, real raw hard hitting beats! Large up EB once again for more dope content!"

You'll Soon Know

"... в этой музыке есть сила, мысль и грув, и эта система позволяет Диззе, веселому переселенцу из Владивостока в Москву, быть гражданином мира и записываться вместе с британским авторитетом Hudson Mohawke без всяких пафосных заявлений и крупных финансовых вложений."


"…Since i got it, it didnt left my ipod. I have to confess this is a serious LP, fuckin amazing sounds in a very different styles."

So What? Di Khrap!

"Five-Finger Discount n'est pas un album au rabais. DZA place la barre très haut dès sa première sortie, à suivre dès maintenant!"

Chroniques Electroniques

"This is a gem of an album for the beat generation."

Trust in Dust

"sixteen lessons in a very particular wonky grammar of epic and cosmic sketching"


"Really RAAAW sounds from Russia. My man DZA on his trip...love it"

Comfort Fit


ebc014 - Zoo Keeper ebctp004 - Five-Finger Remixes

For the producer, a beat tape functions like a black book for the graffiti writer: he develops his skills, he adventures himself to unknown artistic territory. The beat juggler compiles ideas, drafts and loops in a beat tape. Do not expect full-grown songs. The beauty of a beat tape lies in the incomplete.

Fresh off the London Red Bull Music Academy Moscow-based beat elevator DZA is about to make a lot of faces fall in 2010. DZA is central to the How2make crew which ties the loose ends of bass music in Moscow, organises parties and pushes Russian talents. He is the networking type with his hands and heads in different projects at the same time.
So is the graphical identity of DZA, so is his music. Quick, dirty and raw. His 16-track beat tape Five-Finger Discount hijacks you into his kinderzimmer wherein sticker-laden efx pedals render homage to the MPC and DZA is lost behind the screen of his macbook. This tape has detailed textures and beats full of minutiae as well as the heavy bangers.

Five-Finger Discount gives you an idea what DZA is capable of.
Take cover, and don’t sleep!


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